Who Am I

I am a web developer who started out as a passionate want to really be a software developer kinda guy. During my adventures I have become a quite exceptional digital marketer / web developer with a knack for SEO. Learning is something literally I live for, if I am not doing a tutorial online I am reading a computer science book like this one which I highly recommend.

I am not a super social media person so I do not have 5 different places for people to follow me or see what my personality is like, so that is why I started this site. Ironically the timmtheprogrammer was just a place to put demo sites for others to see prior to launch.

What Do I Offer

Nothing other than some pretty awesome blog posts you may find here from time to time. I do offer SEO audits and consultation along with always being open to fun web development projects. If you want to contact me please feel free although like I said this is more of a place to let my brain explode into 1’s and 0’s.

My Areas of Interest

Here is literally just a list of technologies that I love to learn about

Basic Web Stack (HTML, CSS, JS)

VUE.JS is something I really am enjoying at the time

Node is pretty cool for spinning up some quick tidbits

Python (I first started with Java but then have leaned more in the direction of python just due to really the flexibility and fun things you can do with it)


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