Exciting Times and People To See

I posted a blog last year of my experience at the All Things Open event in Raleigh NC and it was amazing. You can read about that here (shameless blog post plug). Last year I was one of the first people in the door and to no shame to make sure I grabbed all the tech merch I could and STICKERS! It seems that this year is going to be even more amazing too.

Plan for 2019 All Things Open

So this year I have a goal which is to come with a plan. Last year was more of a fanboy moment where I just wanted to hop around to hear some very talented people speak. Well, honestly this year will maybe be the same in a good way.

  • Database Learning
  • Front-End Engineering
  • Gamifying
  • 101 / Introductory

You can find the schedule here

The list above is not set in stone for me but last year I literally learned so much and really felt the sense of community in tech for the Raleigh NC area. Last year the Vue.js talk from Jen Looper, David Neal on Node and other awesomeness, and watching the Start-Up Pitch that Triggermesh did was beyond worth the entire conference. I am looking for some gems like this again and know they will be there.

As a front-end developer, I am looking especially forward to Chris Coyier from CodePen.io along with so many other talented people that will be there this year. I did realize that it is not about coming out of the three days with a new way of doing something but instead insight on how to complete certain things easier or explore new areas of tech that have been on my todo list.

On that note, if someone reads this and is wondering if they should attend the answer is YES! and if you see a dude name Timm it’s going to be me don’t be shy and say hello.

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