I have been pretty heavy into a wonderful SEO adventure. Currently working with a great team and also have grown in bounds from the time I started which has only been a few months. I am proud to say that my foundations from all years of doing it have been noticed buy WOW have I learned a lot from all my peers and structure. One of the biggest takeaways right now is how you utilized visualization of your SEO data to tell the story to the client.

What does screaming frog do?

Screaming Frog is an SEO tool that crawls a website and uncovers vital information that will help ensure your site is operating at its best. From the extraction of data to the data visualization on the actual dashboard.

Why Screaming Frog is So Powerful

This is to me one of the more powerful standard tools out there that is a must for any marketer or even web developer. At first, it can be a bit overwhelming with the data that you do get from it but the fun comes in when you figure out the settings.

Great Article Here or you can go to the source and use the Screaming Frog user guide.

You can do things like crawl with the spider or even add a list of sitemaps or URLs. The filtering can give you broken links and even the pages where broken links live so you can fix the source. The normal set of SEO checks is there for sure (metadata, URL lengths, site speed, images, load times). Another exciting item I realized is how when there is a huge site using cloud-based services like AWS or Google Cloud is an option.

The biggest takeaway for me is playing with the filtering options. So many times when I use a new product I do not take the time to actually play with the product and become a power user. I will have a post alone on the benefits of being a power user of the software you utilize.

Cool New Findings

I recently was watching the release of their new 17th edition and found that this team never stops improving the product. With that said and the purpose of this post is that I am growing every day using the tool and below are some fun features I like.

  • Comparison crawls that let you see data from a past and present crawl to see the difference
  • Local site crawl improvements that allow you to load or crawl a local site in a faster amount of time
  • API connections to GSC and Google Analytics that allow you to really see more in-depth information
  • The issues tab which also identifies opportunities

These are just a few of the awesome things I am finding as I dig in more.

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