Here is a giant list of things that I either enjoy or have learned.

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is hard but rewarding
  • Making scrambled eggs with chopsticks is the only way
  • Learning is like a superpower
  • Nothing comes easy
  • Being a good husband means giving a damn
  • If you give it time you can learn anything
  • Speaking other languages even at a 3 yr old level is still awesome
  • You get more by giving complements then talking about yourself
  • Life is short hug people and tell them you love them
  • Making lists does not mean you have to finish them just use them as reminders
  • Take walks and think…. moving meditation is awesome
  • Empty your cup of knowing to let others teach you
  • The grass seems to never be greener just fertilze your own lawn

Legit this is just a small list of things to remind me that life is a journey, not a short run so as you learn things put them out there in the world so others can learn from your path.