I wanted to give a shoutout as a life long learner to freeCodeCamp.org. Before I start I want to make sure that any reader knows I have a Bachelors’s degree in CS, have been working as a front-end developer (engineer) whatever for over 6 years, and have also taken a lot of online courses. No matter what having a resource like freeCodeCamp.org allows me to review and learn the material at any time.

Things Are Not Free Donate

Every time you logon it gives you the opportunity to either donate monthly or a one time, or free. The thing is I have been compelled to donate just in an effort to not only continue helping me grow but other future devs too. The community of freeCodeCamp.org helps it grow to new heights every day, and you can literally go from zero to hero in basically any direction of development.

What Can You Learn…Everything

How To Approach The Platform

If you are a new developer I would recommend just starting from the beginning and doing about 30 minutes to an hour a day if you have time. The courses are laid out great from Javascript fundamentals, Bootstrap, even SASS to build up your CSS. Another great aspect is you can turn on the music and just go because there are no videos.

For the more experienced developers out there that think this is just for a newbie, you are wrong. I wanted to get up to date with my ES6 and BOOM! I went through that section in about a week just a little at a time letting it settle in, and then I ran into a project that was going to be REGEX heavy and once again Freecodecamp.org to the rescue.

You can never learn enough and if you do know how to empty your cup of knowledge you may have the opportunity to find new ways of doing things.

“Empty Your Cup So That It May Be Filled…”

Bruce Lee but from a Zen Proverb

Benefits of Learning To Code With Freecodecamp

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Experience does not matter all material is relevant
  • Forces you to look things up for answers
  • Certificates for personal gratification
  • Motivation for projects

I love to write about my trials in learning to code and be the best programmer I can be. From posts like personal growth through online learning or fundamental design tips, I am just reflecting and hoping that it also helps someone else grow.

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