After reading a great article on MOZ, I found some things that really stood out to me and I wanted to put them here.

“Available near me” searches increased by 100% globally in 2020.

This did not surprise me but really made me start to think hyper-local. With this being a fact I want to start putting even more focus on using the “available near me” thought process when creating content and more. This means using the area around you in the content to let people know that you are in their radius. Citation sites and Google My Business is perfect for this as well.

80% of Americans feel large corporations have too much influence on the economy

The mom and pop’s spots are here to stay! One of the most passionate things I enjoy is helping small businesses thrive and it seems that is what America wants too. Reaching out to these businesses means potential new clients but also has me thinking of revised pricing models for certain situations.

Email marketing yields the highest ROI of any form of publicity

Using that email list for my clients and showing them how paid advertising does not need to be the only tactic on social media and the web. You have so much opportunity with your email marketing so why not use it.

Write your environmental and social policy this year. 60% of shoppers say they would change their purchasing habits 

Did not think that by telling customers how your focus is to use fewer resources, have less waste, and be mindful of the environment will make your sales grow as well. Personally, I do this and now want to integrate that into clients’ mindsets for their website. The about us page is normally a very popular page and why not have a social or environmental policy on there.

Throw the kitchen sink at your Google Business Profile. 

I have been a fan of maxing out your GBP for a long time but now the stats are in and just as I thought it is more valuable than ever. You have so much that you can do with your profile from posts, events, deals, and even sell things so why not use it. I also have seen an increase in phone calls and reviews from clients that use their profile more than others.

Final Thoughts

All of these items above really made me think and I needed to put them here for a nice reminder as the new year is kicking off. One area of focus I want to explore is marketing on TikTok and really for the reason that many studies have said it recently surpassed Google for being the most viewed site. If that is true then the platform is a great place to get that advertising in front of people. Not in a traditional way either but by having businesses use it as a video platform for features, products or even general knowledge.

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