I started this blog to showcase some of my path during learning new technologies like Node.js, SEO, Web Development and also highlight some of my talents along the way. So personal growth through online learning…… I have recently reflected on this and how my path of getting a high education took me down this path to start with almost a decade ago. I get asked from time to time if it was worth it. My answer is kinda and because what it really did was teach me how to teach myself. As a web developer knowing how to google or search anything you need is a skill all alone, but you can literally learn anything with that same concept.

What Am I Learning

So when asked this I freaking love to answer with pride and no its not all code.

  1. Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Drawing comics
  4. Playing Guitar
  5. Investing
  6. Italian
  7. ….more to come

These are all hobbies for sure but the reality is they bring me joy and at almost 35 joy is important. When I learn my family learns because I cannot wait to share that info with everyone around me.

What Is The Reason?

What is the reason I am seeking personal growth through online learning? Really there is none I find that if there is time to burn at any moment making yourself a better human should be the goal. This can be from physical to mental activities. It amazes me how I can just about hold a conversation with anyone about some random topics due to this. Sometimes I think man I am never going to finish what I started and you know that’s totally okay in my opinion. I know way too many people that during the downtime it is spent grinding out a {insert streaming choice} or let’s say its work related they are so focused on that new startup no joy comes of it.

No I Am Not Special

The joy from personal growth from online learning can be contagious. I used to get so annoyed from articles about people half my age that become awesome at something because they had nothing to do all summer. Then I thought wait they are just choosing how to use the time they have and so can I. More and more studies come out that “hey life is hard and you should try to be happy as much as possible” because one day we are all gone and that time spent better of been on something pretty cool.

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