I was asked why did you not develop a theme and use that instead of the 2017 theme WP installs automatically. In short my response was simply it did not want to waste my time building something to showcase my talent when really I just wanted a writing platform. Funny enough though I do have plans to rebuild this to look exactly the same essentially but just built with no framework or base theme for maintenance and flexibility.

Time is of the Essence

I have come to realize we only have so much time in a single given day. Most of my day is all dribbled down on a notebook. For productivity I started writing a basic list, nothing fancy of stuff to do. It involves learning, reading, working (of course), and recently starting my own site. The brain is an amazing tool but with so many thoughts that go through the mind if you do not stop to write them down they will just be forgotten.

Less Talk More Do

This is to answer that first question. If I was to wait to get around to not working or learning to build a neat clean site, it may never get done. So instead I chose to really see what was available from WP and seem to be happy. Heck I may even pick another theme to see what bell’s and whistles come with that. I will say that having JetPack on the site and some other basic plugins it helps with getting the words on the screen with less worry.

There are hobbyist front end developers and then the worker bees like me. I will build this out one day with my own code but until then let’s see how much neat content I can churn out!

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