I finally figured out the best way to remember things that I have done, so I do not have to make the same mistakes in the future. I was presented with a client needing a Google Ad set up. I typically do not do this so I decided the first place to start YouTube. I found this good video here, it is on real estate but it made sense for me even though my client did not relate to this. I wanted to document this because by the end I am super proud of my accomplishments and all on my own doing.

Google Ad’s Set Up

Basically I felt that the process of this could be set up into 3 parts.

  1. Campaign
  2. Keywords / Ad Group
  3. Ad Creation

The campagin has some parts that were so cool it blew my mind. The process basically started with NEW CAMPAIGN -> WEBSITE TRAFFIC -> SEARCH. This was explained to me basically there are other options and this is the common one we typically see in the search on Google. The next step was NETWORK = SEARCH there is also Display but for me this was more what I was looking for. The more settings which I also had start and stop dates and AD schedule which I set to a normal time in the day.

Locations is the next area and let me set my radius and cities where I wanted the AD to show up. I liked this as it lets me zone right into the city beyond just the state. From here the rest of the setup for the actual campaign is laid out nicely and just has logical settings. Finishing off this part I will say in the BIDDING area I put a small amount. It was stated to me that this allows the ads to work and figure out what works best. Also, the Bidding was set to conversions and not clicks as we want people to do more than just go to the page but more so follow through.

Keywords / Ad Group

This was a place to add your services, keywords (I did some extra research on SEMRush for this) and then you can see what potientially this will cost. Very helpful in seeing what the probability is for your ads to be clicked on and actually converted.

Ad Creation

Here I did 2 text ads and one dynamic. From my understanding the headings will roteate to see which ones work best, and the dynamic will go even further allowing for up to 5 headings or so. The descriptions can work the same way. Basically the more informaition you provide the ad the more magic can happen. I think slacking on this can have a negative impact on the overall conversion.

Landing Page

I researched this and realized short, sweet, and to the point is the way to go. I created a nice header image with an opacity that had the logo, headline, and clickable phone number.

I decided to make the logo link to the homepage but took away the typical navigation.


Because having that in the way when a user visits I felt took away from the ad. We will see though. The next part was having some larger text with a button linking to more information and a specific form for the ad. This is all being done on a WordPress site as well.

In conclusion here, I am documenting for me and if someone stumbles upon this and it helps awesome. The biggest takeaway is doing PPC and ads is not SEO but having a good background in Development, SEO, helps so much for the creation and success of digital marketing.

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